Saturday, March 8, 2014

History of the Elements VII

The Mark of Vorté, Spirit of Darkness


This is the final post in a series of seven, focusing on the history of the different elements represented by the Warriors of Quorantalthien. Today's focus is on Vorté, or the Spirit of Darkness.


Vorté obtained his power from Nayét as the War began.  Prior to his time as a Warrior, he was a warlock, where he was steward over the Warlock's Tower in Nokorantania Forest.  He sealed his powers into an element stone with his final breath.


Although his name meant Light, Shíoní was chosen to serve as Warrior of Vorté.  He was the last to join Etnique and the others as a Demon Mage.  Nearly a thousand years after he received his powers, the next Warrior of Vorté was chosen.


Vorum, a former warlock, was chosen as the third Warrior of Vorté.  After controlling his powers for nearly 500 years, he lost his powers and memories when Shíoní and Guroní attacked.

The fourth Warrior of Vorté has not yet risen, but will gain his powers in Demons of Legend.
Speaking of Demons of Legend, the first chapter of Demons of Legend will be released later today.

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