Monday, March 3, 2014

History of the Elements II

The Mark of Pyré, Spirit of Fire


This is the second post in a series of seven, focusing on the history of the different elements represented by the Warriors of Quorantalthien. Today's focus is on Pyré, or the Spirit of Fire.

The powers of Pyré are revealed in the first chapter of The Six Lost Islands, but it isn't until Chapter 7 (The Prophecy is Fulfilled) that their part in the Prophecy is revealed.  Prior to The Six Lost Islands, the powers of Pyré have been given to three Warriors.


Pyré was the first to receive these powers, directly from the Spirit of Nayét on the battlefield, alongside the other Warriors of his generation.  While battling Equitine and Necrué, he learned to control the element of fire from Nayét and imprisoned Equitine.  Because of his mercy, Necrué escaped the battle and set his own plans into motion.


When Pyré died, along with the other Warriors of his generation, he sealed his soul and his powers into a small stone and marked it with the Mark of Pyré.  Etnique stumbled across the stone and, in an instant, became linked with the Spirit of his predecessor.  He gained control over his powers and began his quest to the peaks of The Six Lost Islands to gather the Goblet of the King and claim the Beast form for his allies.
On the peak of the fifth island, he encountered Shadow.  When he failed to defeat the Dragon King, he joined him and became the first of the Demon Mages.  During a later battle, he and the other Mages lost the element stones that had granted them their powers, leaving them to be found by the Warriors' successors.
More of Etnique's story will be revealed in Demons of Legend.


Atanorkaritan, then Prince of the Land Elves, discovered the element stone that had been lost while engaged in battle with the Demon Mages.  When the Queen of the Land Elves died, she asked Atanorkaritan to take the throne, since the Fire Elves had already been eradicated.  He forfeited the Crown of Pyré and was judged worthy to rule the Kingdom of the Land Elves after seeking counsel from Nayét.
More of Atanorkaritan's story will be revealed in Demons of Legend.


When Tyson, Anna, and Kelsey arrived together in Quorantalthien, rumors immediately began to spread that the Warriors of the Elements were returning.  It wasn't until Tyson had been captured by the Fire Troll General, Equitine, however, that the rumors would be proven to be true.
For the first time since the first generation of Warriors, the new generation rose without the aid of an element stone.
Stay tuned for the next post, focusing on Hydrus, the Spirit of Water!

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