Thursday, March 6, 2014

History of the Elements V

The Mark of Roku, Spirit of the Earth


This is the fifth post in a series of seven, focusing on the history of the different elements represented by the Warriors of Quorantalthien. Today's focus is on Roku, or the Spirit of the Earth.


The first Warrior of Roku received his powers from Nayét on the day that Equitine attacked alongside his son, Necrué.  He wielded his powers for nearly 900 years before he passed away and passed his powers into the element stone.


Ruken discovered the element stone of Roku in battle.  He claimed control over the element and wielded it well.  He joined Etnique and the others, becoming the Demon Mage of Roku.  He lost the element stone in battle eventually.


Kuré discovered the element stone nearly 1,000 years after Ruken had become the second Warrior of Roku.  She learned quickly to control her powers, but it wasn't enough.  500 years later, she was killed by the Mages, the first of her generation to fall in battle.  As her dying wish, she told Atanorkaritan to go through the Judgment of Roku and become King of the Land Elves.  Nayét allowed Atanorkaritan to succeed in the Judgment, despite his lack of control over the element of Roku.


A land elf by birth, Mikolan was among the first to volunteer to join King Tyson's army and become a fire elf.  Although he was only ten years old, he felt it was his responsibility to take action in the War that had plagued his homeland for centuries.
However, fire did not remain his element for long.  During an invasion by the troll armies, Mikolan gained control over the element of Roku, reclaiming the element he had controlled earlier in his life.
Stay tuned for the next blog post about Shintu, the Spirit of Light!

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