Tuesday, March 4, 2014

History of the Elements III

The Mark of Hydrus, Spirit of Water


This is the third post in a series of seven, focusing on the history of the different elements represented by the Warriors of Quorantalthien. Today's focus is on Hydrus, or the Spirit of Water.


Alongside Pyré and the other Warriors, Hydrus gained control over Water under Nayét's direction.  For nine-hundred years, she ruled over the element until she died in battle.  As she died, she relinquished the power into an element stone.


In an attack by the Troll armies, Tranquillé discovered the element stone.  Several weeks later, she met Etnique and the other new Warriors.  When Etnique joined Shadow, she was the first to follow him.  Eventually, the element stone was lost, and it remained that way until it was found by Seraní.


Seraní, a young water elf, eventually discovered the element stone and claimed the powers of Hydrus.  She eventually was crowned Queen of the Water Elves.  Out of necessity, she and the other Warriors of her generation hid their identities.  Over time, the true nature of the Warriors' right to rule became secret.


In the modern era, the powers of Hydrus were the second to be restored.  When the General of the Lightning Trolls attacked the Water Elves and stole the Sword of the Crystal Tides, Tyson was summoned to defend the kingdom.  However, during the attack, Kelsey felt it necessary to battle the general instead.  In the midst of the battle, she gained control over Hydrus.
Stay tuned for the next blog post, focusing on Aerus, the Spirit of Wind!
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