Wednesday, March 5, 2014

History of the Elements IV

The Mark of Aerus, Spirit of Wind


This is the fourth post in a series of seven, focusing on the history of the different elements represented by the Warriors of Quorantalthien. Today's focus is on Aerus, or the Spirit of Wind.


Aerus received his powers alongside the other Warriors.  Nayét granted Aerus power over the wind as a reflection of his personality.  He was soft-spoken, but dangerous when stirred to action.  When he died, just as the others did, he cast his power into an element stone.


Aquilé was always destined to obtain power over wind.  His name meant eagle, and is also the trigger for the Beast form of Aerus.  When he discovered the element stone, he quickly learned to control his new powers.  When Etnique joined Shadow, Aquilé followed suit with regret.  He wanted to stand against the Dragon King, but could not find it in his heart to betray his friends.


Nearly a thousand years had passed since Aquilé gained his powers when Aeryn discovered the element stone.  He gained control over the powers and became the crowned King of the Sky Elves.  Over time, his powers began to fade as the next generation's arrival neared.


Anna gained control over the powers of Aerus when Tyson and Kelsey were battling the Lightning Troll general.  As with the other Warriors of her generation, she gained her powers without contact with the element stones.
Stay tuned!  Tomorrow's entry will focus on Roku, the Spirit of the Earth!
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