Friday, January 10, 2014

Demons of Legend - Coming Soon!

Cover Artwork for Demons of Legend, Part II of The Scrolls of Chaos Trilogy
The Six Lost Islands has been available for a little over a month now, but there is still more on the way.  Book Two is well underway, on track for release in April 2014.

Demons of Legend picks up right where The Six Lost Islands left off.  It dives deeper into the beginning of the War and the Mages' backstory, while also driving the story forward with some focus on the Warriors' activities on Earth.  Here is the back copy of the book.

Shadow has found his new domain:  Earth
The Warriors have returned to Earth after their journey in Quorantalthien to discover that they still have their powers.  But the vision from the Pyré Phonexis haunts their thoughts when Shadow comes to Earth.

But the Warriors are not alone.  They've discovered ancient weapons left by the first Warriors on Earth.  With these Weapons, the Warriors are gaining new powers.  Powers that may save Earth and Quorantalthien - or destroy them...

Keep an eye out for Demons of Legend, available April 2014!

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