Friday, December 6, 2013

The Six Lost Islands now available!

Cover artwork of The Six Lost Islands

The Six Lost Islands

Today, which is also my birthday, The Six Lost Islands went live on and the Kindle Store.  Find out more about The Six Lost Islands after the break.


The Prophecy is Fulfilled 

In the darkest hour of the reign of Shadows
Strangers shall arrive
And through their combined strength
Quorantalthien shall survive

This is the Prophecy that is revealed to Atanorkaritan, King of the Land Elves. Darkness encompasses the land of Quorantalthien, and the three kingdoms of the elves are being threatened by the Demon Mages. Trolls are constantly attempting to besiege the fortresses of Land, Sky, and Water.

But the Prophecy is about to be fulfilled, and the Warriors of the Elements will vanquish the tyranny of the Demon Mages. But there seems to be a greater evil at work...


The Six Lost Islands is available in both paperback and Kindle formats.

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